High-End Wholesale

High-End Wholesale Crested Geckos

Crested Gecko Nursery System

As one of the largest two or three professional breeders of crested geckos on the planet, we supply thousands of pet stores around the world through a small network of distribution partners.

We are now offering wholesale quantities (10 lots & up) of high-end hatchlings that are too nice/valuable to be sold through our distributors. These geckos are big sellers for reptile specialty shops, reptile show vendors, and reptile specialty stores.

Here is where you will find those high-end hatchlings in wholesale, as well as any surplus common morphs we happen to have available. The pet chain distributors usually buy the common morphs faster than we can supply them, so they're not always available here.

Can anyone order in wholesale? Yes, but we beg novice keepers to PLEASE resist the urge. :-)
While we will allow wholesale orders from anyone, we strongly insist that only experienced breeders and reptile resellers purchase hatchling crested geckos in wholesale numbers. Juvenile and larger crested geckos are likely one of the hardiest reptile species on the market, but hatchlings are not. They will rapidly dehydrate (and soon die) if kept too dry or too warm. Please know what you're doing, and be careful who you listen to on Facebook. I have a few distributor clients who've bought thousands of geckos from us, and they have literally never filed a loss claim. If you genuinely know what you're doing, you won't have problems with our hatchlings, and we'll always stand behind them if you do (though not likely).

Why are these geckos so cheap? There must be a catch, right?
Not really. We produce a LOT of very nice crested geckos - the product of over a decade of intensive selective breeding. Every reptile we sell is produced by us, and we are efficient at it - experience gained in over a decade of breeding them in large numbers. In the summer/fall we will produce more high-end geckos than we can possibly sell one at a time, especially if we have to photograph them. You have to put in the work to care for them - the nicer they are, the longer you want to grow them up before selling them. High-end hatchlings, in particular, are not meant to be resold immediately. If you don't mind doing the work of raising up and then selling some awesome hatchling geckos, you'll likely be back for more every couple months.

So how long should I wait to sell them? Any pointers?
We recommend buying them at least 90 days before you sell them for maximum return on investment. The idea is to raise them up for a period of time, and then offer for sale once colors are coming in, and when you can see the pattern a little more distinctly. The longer you keep them, the more time color will have to develop, and everything from dorsal and head structure to pattern traits will also become more obvious/exaggerated as the gecko matures. Long story short, the longer you keep them before selling, the better they will look, and the more they'll bring. Most successful vendors just build up an inventory, and replenish their inventory with new hatchlings, after each show. At a reptile show, a spread of 100-200 of these geckos (in cups obviously!) will draw one heck of a crowd, and they will sell. Raising them individually (think small critter keepers, etc.) will speed up growth and the development process, as all geckos will be allowed to eat when they want - no competition for food or bullying at the food bowl.

How much do you recommend selling them for?
Generally speaking, if sold at shows, or individually photographed by a professional to be sold online, the average profit margin per gecko will be well in excess of 50% - and that's pricing them low enough that you can sell quite a few. These geckos generally sell fast if you are doing your part (presentation, marketing, etc.). You should easily double or triple your money on these, bare minimum. There are always the occasional obvious standouts bringing $250-500 as sexable subadults. That's part of the beauty of buying babies from someone like me (with a LOT of geckos) - I do look at every single gecko we produce before they go out the door, but I can't keep every gecko I think will be a trophy.

All Offers Subject to Seasonal Pricing & Availability
Due to seasonal peaks and dips in production, and also in demand, pricing and availability are subject to change at any time. If you order shortly before a sale, we will generally send you more than enough geckos to cover the difference in cost per gecko - and you don't have to ask us to do that, that's just how we do it (although we always appreciate a reminder).

Fun Fact

The photo at the top of this page is our nursery rack system, as it stood in 2013. Back then it held roughly 1,100 hatchlings in individual cages. In 2016 we moved into a new 3,000 sq/ft facility, where the current nursery rack capacity is over 3 times that...and we're still growing!