Current Round of Auctions Ending: To Be Announced
End Times: Between 8:00PM & 9:00PM Central Time

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Now in our 7th year of gecko auctions (almost every week!), we're excited to announce we've had auction functionality added directly to the ACR online store, so that you no longer need to bid on a separate website.

*** Currently Testing Auction "App", but AUCTIONS ARE REAL! ***
We're kinda in "beta testing" mode right now, but we're running REAL AUCTIONS while we test. Do not worry - we will be on standby for this round of auctions, and we'll make sure the outcome is always fair - if you have trouble bidding, just email and he'll make sure you're taken care of.

This auction add-on (basically an app for our online store) seems to work nicely, but it is very basic in terms of functionality. The developers of the app are going to be customizing the app to our specifications.

Functionality Modifications Currently in Development:
  • BIN (Buy-It-Now) functionality
  • Sort Auctions by Ending Soonest
  • Automatically Display End Date on Auction Page (we have to enter it manually)
  • Feel free to email John or myself with any other ideas you might have.

We want to make our auctions better than ever in terms of ease of use and for useful features, so we value YOUR input.

Thanks for your continued support!



Originally our system would allow people to sign up without entering their first or last name in their store profile...but if they chose to do so, our new auction app would default to displaying the user's full email address on the bid history tab, rather than displaying only the first three letters of their first name (something like ant*****). We have now made it mandatory to fill out the first and last name fields when creating a profile in an effort to keep bidder names and email addresses private. If you signed up before we enabled this requirement, your email address WILL be visible on the bid history tab for any auction you bid on. To change this, please visit your profile page (HERE) to add your name.

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