Welcome to acreptiles.com, the online home of Anthony Caponetto Reptiles, Inc.

I have kept reptiles for most of my life now, starting with some anoles at the age of seven, followed shortly by a "house gecko" (Hemidactylus turcicus, the Mediterranean House Gecko) and graduating to a big Burmese python by my senior year of high school. About a year after I graduated high school, I got rid of my reptiles, as I was going to school and working full-time. After I was done with school and had my own place, I began putting together my existing collection.

We are now operating out of a brand new 3,000 square foot dedicated reptile breeding facility (an indoor reptile farm), which is located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. In addition to breeding tons of crested geckos here, and all the cutting edge ball python morphs we're producing with our partner in Wichita, I maintain a pretty good sized personal reptile collection at the facility, consisting of several other species...carpet pythons, blood pythons, various boa species, gargoyle geckos, and mourning geckos. The majority of our 500-ish pythons are now being bred/maintained at a partner's facility in Wichita, Kansas (you'll hear more about that in the year to come).

The crested gecko is the core of this business, and it's a reptile species I really can't say enough good things about, both in terms of suitability as a pet, and as a great "canvas" reptile for serious selective breeding projects. The longer I work with them, the more in awe I am. The crested gecko, in all the patterns and colors we've developed over the past decade plus, make up the vast majority of our sales and reptile production. They make outstanding first-time reptile pets, and the insane number of pattern and color variations keep even the hard-core enthusiast intrigued year after year. I kept tons of reptiles as a kid/teenager, but my current collection started with pythons in 2001 and then got my first crested geckos in 2003. I quickly became obsessed with producing designer crested geckos. Since then the collection has grown to thousands of geckos, a result of having developed (and coined names for) many of the designer gecko morphs/traits that have become household names today, like the Red Harlequin/Pinistripe, the Super Stripe, the Phantom Pinstripe, Whiteout, White-Spot aka Snowflake, and Soft Scales, just to name a few. To my knowledge, we are now home to the largest colony of selectively bred designer crested geckos in the world, and the world's third largest producer of crested geckos overall. The collection is still growing steadily, as we work hard to keep offering new and exciting projects and variations.

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- AC