Canadian customers have the option of having us ship their geckos to our Canadian import partner, Reptile Express ( This process has proven to be smooth and dependable, thanks to Reptile Express. We have been working with them for a couple years now, and we remain impressed.

          • We ship the geckos to Reptile Express for FREE!
            We cover the cost of shipping from our Kansas City, Missouri facility to Reptile Express in Toronto. We also cover all inspection, administrative, and permit costs.

          • Reptile Express handles the entire import process.
            All the confusing, time consuming details, permits, inspections, and paperwork related to international reptile shipping are handled for you, and as mentioned above, we cover those costs.

          • Geckos are shipped to your door from Toronto.
            The customer is only responsible for paying import taxes (negligible) and the cost of overnight shipping to their door. These costs are paid directly to Reptile Express. We are told this cost is usually CDN $60 to $100 depending on the customer's location.

          • We send a shipment to Reptile Express roughly every 90 days.
            Dates are determined by Reptile Express, and may be subject to change due to weather and other factors. Shipping reptiles internationally can be a complex process (which we handle for you), so we cannot offer refunds due to the occasional delay or postponement.

Feel free to contact John via email with any questions you might have.