Current Facebook Auctions & Buy-It-Now Offers
Ending Sunday 6/16/19 starting @ 8:00 PM Central Time
Click the photos below to place a bid (or BIN when available)!
Special Offers (for Auction Winners)
          • Optional 3 Pack High-End Crested Gecko Hatchlings Without Tails for $99
          • Optional 3 Pack High-End Crested Gecko Hatchlings With Tails for $149

Limit one optional offer per auction win, but no limit on number of auction wins

(or optional offers you can be eligible for). No photos or special requests, but

these are chosen at random from the same high-end geckos you see in our auctions.

We DO NOT sell these packages separately - only auction winners are eligible.

This is something we typically only do during peak production months.

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