Shipping Expertise You Can Count On

I have been shipping reptiles since 2001, and doing so as my only profession since 2004. We are good at it, we get great rates because of our volume, and I personally supervise (if not actually pack and box) every single reptile shipment that leaves our facility. I've shipped over 100,000 crested geckos alone, not to mention thousands of pythons, boas, and other reptiles. The only other human being allowed to touch an order going out our doors is John, our customer service manager who administers our auctions and schedules shipments. So even though I'm considered a large scale breeder, our shipping department is tiny - just John and myself. No one else will touch your shipment, period.

While I realize other breeders may ship differently, or have different guidelines for temperature, we work within the constraint of having exactly zero DOA's with shipments that arrive the day they're supposed to, and we ship well over 10,000 reptiles each year. These are living animals - no loss due to careless shipping is ever acceptable to me, and I take that very seriously on a personal level. Simply put, I would no longer be able to do this for a living, if we were killing geckos in the process. That being said, the guidelines for temperature that you see on this page are what I've found to work best while eliminating DOAs completely, except for rare instances when packages were lost or delayed by multiple days. A lot of thought and care goes into our shipping procedures. We have taken into account the size of the deli cup, moisture levels inside the cup, packing materials, use of heat/cold packs, how the packs are placed inside the box, and even the way we tape our boxes shut. We strive for packaging that a reptile can survive in for several days, even though they are shipped FedEx priority overnight.

Thanks again for your support, thanks for taking the safety of your new geckos as serious as I do, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about shipping.


Regular Shipping Days
Regular shipping days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for arrival on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We do not ship on Thursday for Friday arrival, due to the risk of delayed packages not being delivered until Monday. We are limited to how many orders we can ship in one day, so we recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible. Scheduling is done via an online form. You will be sent a link and instructions when you place your order.

Local Pickup (No Longer Available)
All orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. Due to a number of reasons, we are no longer able to allow local pickup, nor are we able to personally meet with you to deliver your order. We sell in excess of 10,000 reptiles every year, so it's just not feasible for us to personally deliver reptiles to local customers. We do, however, offer $19 shipping to area locals.

"But shipping is too stressful!"
Not the way we do it. :-) Some local customers have claimed that shipping is somehow too dangerous and stressful for the animals, citing that as the reason they insist we meet with them. In our experience (shipping in excess of 100,000 reptiles), that is simply not the case, provided you're doing it right. In fact, reptiles are usually only in transit roughly 14-16 hours when we ship them cross country. If they're not leaving the metro area, they'll usually only be in the box 10-12 hours, and they're certainly not going on an airplane. That being the case, I would contend that our shipping method/procedure is far less stressful than being taken to, and purchased at, a reptile show. Shipping reptiles is extremely safe and reliable when they are packed by a professional. We have experienced fewer than one DOA per year since we started shipping reptiles back in 2001.

All Shipment Scheduling Pending Safe Weather Conditions
Safe shipping temperatures are something we take very seriously here - they are literally a matter of life or death. We only ship when temperatures are safe.

Minimum Overnight Low: Above 32 F

Maximum Daytime High: 85 F for geckos and 90F for pythons.

* No refunds will be given due to delays due to lack safe weather conditions. We will gladly hold reptiles until it is safe to ship, but we cannot offer refunds due to shipping delays.

* If a customer files an "item not received" complaint with PayPal or their credit card company, their order(s) will be shipped immediately, without prior notice, on the next regular shipping day (Monday through Wednesday), and tracking will be provided to PayPal. These shipments will be packed to the best of our ability, using cold or heat packs, and adult signature will be required upon delivery. Shipping in these cases will be done solely at the customer's risk - all health and live arrival guarantees are forfeited. PayPal has described this behavior as "gross misuse" of their buyer protection policies, and customers who engage in this practice will be refused service here in the future.

Shipping Cost
FedEx Express Overnight Shipping - $39 Flat Rate

Thanks to the savings from using to book our FedEx Express Overnight shipments, all reptile shipments, regardless of how many reptiles you order, ship for just $39 to anywhere in the continental United States. Customers may combine unlimited auction wins into a single shipment.

Please Note: Because we are booking through SYR, and not directly with FedEx, there are no shipping charge refunds if a package is delivered later than stated on the FedEx tracking page. That's a minor tradeoff from the specialized service and discounted shipping rates that we (and the rest of our industry) receive from SYR, and we appreciate your understanding.

What NOT to Expect on Delivery Day (FedEx waiting patiently at your door)
We will occasionally have customers, who are almost always new to having reptiles shipped, complain "FedEx just left the package and didn't wait for me to come to the door!" In a few cases, customers ended up creating all kinds of drama. We've even had a couple of extra-pissed-off individuals try to claim they didn't receive their package, when GPS delivery tracking information proved otherwise. While I understand it might sound like a convenient way to teach FedEx a lesson, it never works out that way - please don't be "that guy".

With the advent of GPS tracking for all deliveries, we no longer need a signature, so we have instructed FedEx to deliver our packages to the address on the first delivery attempt, regardless of if you're able to sign or not. Here's why - in order to avoid having a box of reptiles go back on the truck, where it will likely be much warmer than it is outdoors. Long story short, it is much safer to leave a box of reptiles on your porch than it is to put them back on the truck for the rest of the day. Please just make sure you're home, so that your reptiles aren't sitting outside for an extended period of time. We provide tracking numbers via email on shipping day, so that you can also track your shipment online, and see when it has been delivered, without actually standing by the door all morning.