Super Soft Scale Whiteout Halloween Pinstripe - FREAKY SOFT!!! - 18g Male

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Super Soft Scale Whiteout Halloween Pinstripe - FREAKY SOFT!!! - 18g Male

Weight in grams: 18

This guy is some serious genetic firepower - he's a Harry line Halloween Whiteout Pinstripe with a double dose of the Soft Scale gene. This gecko should produce all soft scales when bred to a non-soft. If bred to a soft scale, half of the offspring should be soft and half super soft. Also has nice Whiteout lateral markings, which can be bred to make Whitewall laterals.

Needless to say, the Soft Scale project has already proven to have serious investment potential, and there are still a lot of gecko people who don't know anything about them. Having a Super Soft Scale male will put you at the front of the pack with a new structural morph that is completely unlike anything else in the crested gecko world.

Co-Dominant Genetics
I have spent over half my life following (and breeding) genetic morphs in pythons, boas, and other gecko species, and have a very strong background in reptile morph genetics - in addition to over a decade of playing with the Soft Scales. At this point, I am quite certain this is a co-dominant morph. While we're still doing some final independent testing to confirm that the Supers are indeed true genetic Supers (the homozygous form of a "co-dominant" morph), this gecko should produce all Soft Scales if bred to a non-Soft, 1/2 Softs and 1/2 Supers if bred to a Soft Scale, and all Super Softs if bred to another Super Soft.

What is a Soft Scale and Super Soft Scale?
This is a new structural morph that also affects color and even the eyes. See the Soft Scale Project page for detailed information and photos.

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