Lavender & Cream Full Pin Quad Stripe - 40g Male

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Lavender & Cream Full Pin Quad Stripe - Late Generation Stripes Line - 40g Male

Sex: Male
Approximate Weight: 40 grams

This is one squeaky clean lavender & cream quad stripe...just insane. He almost looked white under my studio flashes! Structure is no joke as well. As some of you veteran breeders probably already know just by just looking at his color, pattern, and structure - this is a direct descendant of Stripes, the founding male of our Lavender & Cream Quadstripe lineage. Stripes has a crazy wide head, full lateral striping, and a creamy dorsal on a clean lavender base. This is basically a new & improved version of him!

This lineage was absolutely instrumental in developing the lavender base color that we see on the market today. This line also led to me coining the term "lateral striping" long before the term "Quad Stripe" was ever thought up. (I still prefer "Quad Stripe" - much easier than "Pinstripe with Lateral Striping"). Before Stripes came along, just about every pinstripe on the market was either dark brown or charcoal-grey, and lateral striping was something almost no one talked about.

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