Red Super Dalmatian - Chips Line & Chips Line Outcrosses

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These are obvious Super Dalmatians, though they will continue to develop spots as they mature. Spots will also grow larger, with clusters of small spots sometimes becoming one large spot as the spots grow in size. These geckos come from red x red pairings only, so the adult base color on these will invariably be red. Obviously, some reds will turn out lighter/brighter than others, but it's impossible to determine the shade of red as hatchlings.

A lot of our hatchling Red Dalmatians will appear brown as youngsters after the hatchling red pigment fades away. I've gotten good at weeding out the ones lacking red pigment, which are few and far between these days. In fact, that brownish hatchling color is how Chips got his name...he looked like a chocolate chip cookie until he started taking on a very nice RED color at about 4-5 months of age, which I had predicted (though it was not a tough prediction since he came from a pair of nice red adults that also started out brownish in color).

These geckos tend to develop both red and black spots, and occasionally translucent looking "oil spots" (as some call them).

Another thing I've found interesting is that males from this lineage tend to develop larger spots. I've been working with them 14 years now...that's not a conclusion I came to due to a fluke or small sample size, that's really how they are. Our other unrelated Dalmatian projects here don't tend to follow that trend, but these do. Yep...weird. :-)

Hand Picked by Anthony - No Individual Photos
This offer is only here because we don't have time to photograph every individual gecko we sell, and we produce a lot of very high-end, retail/keeper quality geckos. While we cannot offer individual photos at this price, please know that every gecko will be hand picked by me (Anthony), personally - and I do not like to disappoint our customers! This particular project - our Red Dalmatian project - was literally my very first, so you can absolutely trust my eye on these.

Special Requests Always Considered (But No Guarantees)
I don't always have a bunch of a particular morph on-hand to choose from. That said, feel free to tell me any preference in the order instructions - if I can meet your request, I will (just no guarantees).

Size & Age
These will be roughly 4 weeks old, which puts them at around 3" total length and roughly 2-3 grams. Shipping at this size is absolutely safe if both parties know what they're doing. We ship over 10,000 geckos a year at this size to our distributor clients and we haven't had a health claim from any of them in years (the last claim from a distributor was in 2012 when a shipment got delayed/lost for 3 days). The key with geckos this size is to keep them cool and keep them well hydrated. We recommend below 75 degrees, keep them out of the path of direct sunlight (windows without shades/blinds are dangerous), and about 65% humidity.

Geckos Ship With Full Tails - Guaranteed if Shipped within 30 Days
While we may use pics of geckos without tails as examples, the geckos offered here will ship with full tails, as long as they ship within 30 days of your order being placed. After 30 days, geckos may or may not have full tails when shipped. We often lose tails trying to fix stuck sheds (tail tips are the most common, unfortunately) or by geckos getting startled for one reason or another.

ATTENTION: The geckos pictured on this page are juveniles and adults shown for example purposes only, and are not the actual geckos you will receive.