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Tangerine x C2/Citrus Line Yellow-Orange & Cream Full Pin Quad Stripe Soft Scale - Whiteout Laterals (Pink Tinted!) & Harry Line Structure - 19g Female

This gecko is essentially the Tangerine x C2/Citrus Yellow-Orange & Cream version of our Harry x Soft line Soft Scale project. While it's impossible to capture its true pinkish orange color in photos, you can still see a bit of the Tangerine pigment that's showing through on her dorsal and Whiteout laterals, which the Tiger patterning has jumbled up a bit (she'll still produce Whitewalls with the right Whiteout/Whitewall male, guaranteed!). As you can see, the Harry line influence (spiny/shaggy crests & pinstripe scales) make for an awesome look when you put it on a creamy dorsal like this one. She almost looks like she has a saw blade for a back. Very high-end gecko, yet one you can still take a long way from here - think Lilly White and Whitewalls with that pinkish Tangerine tint!

Co-Dominant Genetics
I have spent over half my life following (and breeding) genetic morphs in pythons, boas, and other gecko species, and have a very strong background in reptile morph genetics - in addition to over a decade of playing with the Soft Scales. At this point, I am quite certain this is a co-dominant morph. While we're still doing some final independent testing to confirm that the Supers are indeed true genetic Supers (the homozygous form of a morph), we do know it's at least dominant, if not co-dominant.

This gecko should produce 1/2 Soft Scales and 1/2 normals if bred to a normal. If bred to a Soft Scale, you should get 1/2 Softs, 1/4 Normals, and 1/4 Super Softs. If bred to a Super Soft Scale, results should be roughly 1/2 Softs and 1/2 Super Softs.

What is a Soft Scale and Super Soft Scale?

This is a new structural morph that also affects color and even the eyes. See the Soft Scale Project page for detailed information and photos.

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