Red Classic Pinstripe - Original 2005 ACR Red Harlequin Line (from Repashy & German/Russian Lineage) - 5g Unsexed

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Red Classic Pinstripe - Original 2005 ACR Red Harlequin Line (Repashy & German/Russian Lineage) - 5g Unsexed

Nice, deep red classic pinstripe. This gecko is descended from my very first red harlequin lineage, which was the only red harlequin lineage in the hobby at the time. Because it's a Pinstripe, I know this one is from a 2nd or 3rd generation group (10+ year old geckos). While the times have passed them by in terms of color, the classic pinstripe pattern on these is not so easy to find. There's no cream on the dorsal, which makes the pinstripe pattern live up to it's name. When I keep these back, I'm generally using them to make more classic pinstripes, but we are starting to working brighter colors and whiteout/wall markings into them now.

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