Soft Scale Whitewall Lavender/Black & Cream Pinstripe - Intense Tangerine Pigmentation on Dorsal - 10g Female

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Soft Scale Whitewall Black & Cream Pinstripe - Intense Tangerine Pigmentation on Dorsal - 10g Female

This is a great example of where our "Tangerine x Lavender" project has gone over the years. I started in 2004 breeding Stripes, a Lavender & Cream Quad Stripe with legendary structure (he's 16 years old and still a structural freak by today's standards) and the original Tangerine female. The Tangerine colored ones I was after were there, but so were the Tangerine tinted lavender ones, so I kept them and started two totally separate projects. Years later, we've made the creamy dorsals on the Lavender ones more and more pink - and now we're adding it to Whiteout/Whitewalls with outrageous results. If you have a Lilly White, use your imagination as to where this Tangerine project of mine is heading.

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