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Tangerine Tinted Lavender Tri-Color Pinstripe - PINK Tinted Dorsal & Whiteout Lateral Striping!!! - 13g Female

This is one of my favorite geckos we've posted in quite some time. Her bright orange head and all that pink tinting from Tangerine pigment (which just barely shows up in pictures) really makes her eye catching.

- Super Soft Scale

- Bubblegum line Tangerine x Lavender Lineage (our pinkest tangerine line stuff, period)

- Lavender base color turns purplish black when fired up, as seen in photos.

- Whiteout Lateral Striping (tinted PINK with Tangerine pigment)

- Full Pinstripe

- 1/4 Harry Line and 1/4 Stripes Line = This one can't NOT have a big head and awesome structure as an adult!

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