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Orange Tiger Phantom Pinstripe SOFT SCALE with Whiteout Laterals(!) - Crisp & Clean Color Due to C2 x Tangerine Lineage - 3g Unsexed

Absolutely, positively smoking little Phantom - super crisp Tiger patterning (C2 lineage combined with Soft Scale is the only way that's possible), and the crazy part is the color typically stinks on these until they're 10+ grams. This one is just on fire from the get-go and is going to get even better as it matures. If you're looking for something incredibly high-end that not everyone has (yet), this is a GREAT way to go. And I do put my money where my mouth is...we're doubling down on yellow and orange geckos with C2 and Soft Scale in them. We are currently holding back more of these (phantom and non-phantom versions) than everything else combined.

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