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Designer Crested Geckos Since the 2003-2004 Breeding Season


Red Super Empty Back Super Soft Scale


  • With the exception of only 4 Lilly Whites, every gecko breeding here and every genetic mutation in my collection comes from our own bloodlines going back a minimum of 15 generations to the last geckos I added to my colony. 

  • I believe ours to now be the largest collection of crested geckos in the world.  This is counting babies, holdbacks and adults.  That said, there are a couple of commercial breeders with large colonies that may produce as many or more than we do in any given year.  My focus is on quality and nothing else - particularly head/body structure, overall size, color and pattern.  Our numbers only come from the fact that I have never sold off any of my old breeders and I have been constantly adding new ones for 20 years.  

  • In that time, every project has grown and branched off organically, as selective breeding dictated. Every project here is either a designer project or a project in which I'm exploring genetic mutations and various combos of mutations.  We can now offer some awesome looking geckos, ones that were rare and expensive a decade ago, to our pet store clients, which in turn allows novice gecko keepers/breeders a chance to start with quality animals - and in my best estimation, this ability to start out with solid animals ultimately helps to create new crested gecko nuts (like us) and therefore increases the demand for geckos that are still rare and expensive today. 

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