Individually Pictured Crested Geckos

While we produce well over a thousand geckos per month on average, our business has grown to a point where I only have time/resources to photograph the best of the best for our website, which usually works out to roughly the top 3-5% of what we sell, the proverbial cream of the crop.

Each and every gecko you see here is from a bloodline going back no fewer than 10 generations that I have developed in-house with founding stock purchased from 2003 to 2006. These are geckos that I have personally chosen to keep back from the time it hatched.  We then raise them individually to the size that we feel they can be sold with a fairly accurate description of what they'll look like as an adult.

What you find here are geckos that I decided I would either sell with photos, or keep.  Sometimes our sex ratios are skewed, and it makes more sense to sell an adult than wait to breed it. 

The prices will vary more based on age/size and presence of rare traits.  The overall quality of anything you see here will be top shelf and on the more expensive end of the ciliatus price range, unless it's something weird, rare or something neat from an old school pairing.

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