C2/Citrus Line (Yellow & Orange)

The C2/Citrus line is the result of nearly 20 years of selective breeding, starting with a cream-on-cream male named "C2" (think "Cream Squared") bred into my existing Citrus line. This one pairing was a game changer and resulted in the cleanest, brightest, and nicest cream, yellow and orange base colors I've still ever laid eyes on.

Some specimens are so clean and devoid of dark pigment that they have a hypomelanistic look to them. I've often referred to it as the "C2 glow".

I went from not really being a fan of yellow or orange crested geckos, to liking them better than I like reds. That's saying something, as reds are what put us on the map.

Not only are the C2/Citrus geckos great looking, but they breed very consistently in terms of color, their structure is top notch, and they are our largest-growing lineage, with some specimens reaching 90+ grams.

If you're looking for something with consistently clean color from generation to generation - and you want to be able to outcross without ruining the color, this is the line you want to add. I have never seen another lineage (of any color type) that is even remotely comparable in terms of consistency.