ACR Wholesale

ACR Wholesale

As a small business that happens to now be one of the largest breeders of crested geckos in the world, we not only sell adult crested and gargoyle geckos on the website, our geckos are also sold by other breeders, show vendors and pet stores around the world. Every gecko we sell is produced right here at our facility in Kansas City, Missouri and comes from our own selectively bred, designer bloodlines that go back 10-20 generations to my original founding stock purchased in the early to mid 2000's.

I still personally decide which geckos go into every pairing, I still look at every gecko we hatch and I still put every gecko into every deli cup when they are shipped. You can also rest assured the geckos you receive have been here since the day they hatched and they have never been shipped before, taken to a show or exposed to other animals.  

About the Geckos

All gecko pairings are setup with selective breeding and genetic diversity in mind. Contrary to what internet experts have been known to state, our crested geckos are not mass-produced for the sake of mass production, but rather come from a large collection that's over 20 years in the making.  Our geckos will generally fall into three broader categories, as described below:

Common Morphs
Every breeder is going to produce a smaller proportion of plainer, lower gene-count geckos, simply as a byproduct of the genetic odds game that we're playing.  For every 1-in-8 three-gene genetic combo you hatch, you will also hatch a gecko that inherited zero of those three genes - that's how genetic odds work. Those plainer geckos are what you will see referred to as common morphs

These geckos often sell out very quickly to pet shop distributors, due to their low price and the fact that we (intentionally) don't produce very many.  These gecko

Then, there are our high-end designer geckos.  These are geckos that would have been cutting edge several years ago, and in many cases are still selling for hundreds of dollars as adults. These geckos are still very high quality geckos by today's standards, still have our trademark structure, but they're just no longer rare and demanding huge $1,000+ premiums as adults.

Ultra High-End
I will also wholesale geckos from our my newest projects, which are referred to as Ultra High-End.  These geckos become available in surplus in cases where we might have better than expected luck with a particular project or gene, or we just produced too many from a particular project at a particular time (usually due to seasonality).  If you're a breeder, this is a great way to add to your own projects and offer a better/bigger selection to your customers by selling off what you don't need. 

  • 7-Day Health Guarantee on Wholesale
  • Flat Rate Overnight Shipping Charge (Unlimited Orders/Geckos)
  • Quantity Price Breaks
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


If you're familiar with the reptile industry, wholesale pricing can often be extremely dynamic. While we do not offer partial refunds in the event of a price drop, we do have a 7-Day Price Protection Policy.  If the price drops within 7 days, we will make it up to you one of two ways.  We will issue store credit if we've already shipped.  If we have not yet shipped, we will credit your order and ship you more geckos to make up the price difference.  If a better deal becomes available on a larger quantity and you'd like to upgrade, we can also facilitate that upgrade for you.  

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