As a small business that happens to be one of the largest breeders of crested geckos on the planet, we supply crested geckos to thousands of pet stores around the world through a small network of distributors. 

If you want the absolute nicest, most cutting-edge crested geckos you can find in wholesale numbers, look no further.

Wholesale Hatchlings Available ONLY to Experienced Breeders & Retailers
Out of an ethical responsibility to our geckos, we will only sell wholesale hatchlings to experienced breeders and retailers. If it becomes apparent that you've not hatched or dealt with actual hatchlings before (even a 3 month old gecko is far from a hatchling and already at least 1/4 of the way to sexual maturity), I may feel obligated to cancel and refund your order.  HOWEVER, in the rare instance we happen to have wholesale juveniles (5 grams or larger) available, beginners are welcome to purchase those, as they are much more resilient and forgiving of minor husbandry errors at that size.

What is a PRE-ORDER?
We hatch hundreds of geckos per week, but you can't ship them until they reach a certain size/age, so we have a bit of a queue of geckos waiting to ship.  Normally I would wait until they're ready before selling them, but when supply doesn't keep up with demand, customers have often requested the ability to buy them ahead of time and just wait on shipping.  Geckos purchased as a pre-order have hatched, but are not yet large enough to ship.  I never sell geckos that have not yet hatched.  If you see something is sold out, that means everything that has hatched to date is spoken for.  In order to keep wholesale purchases quick and easy for all of us, payment in full is still required on pre-orders. 



Due to seasonal peaks and dips in production and demand, pricing can and will vary widely throughout the course of a year. While we do not offer partial refunds in the event of a price drop, we do have a 7-Day Price Protection Policy. If the price drops within 7 days, we will make it up to you one of two ways.  We will either issue store credit if we'e already shipped, or we will send you more geckos to make up the price difference, if we've not yet shipped.