Wholesale Lots

High-End Crested Gecko Wholesale Lots

Crested Gecko Nursery SystemAs a small business that happens to be one of the largest breeders of crested geckos on the planet, we supply geckos to thousands of pet stores around the world through a small network of distributors. We also produce several thousand geckos each year that are too nice to be sold through distributors - far more than we're able to photograph for retail sale. When we have a surplus of those high-end hatchlings, we list them here!

These are geckos that are too nice/valuable to be sold through our distributors, and they've proven to be big sellers for reptile specialty shops, reptile show vendors, and even other established breeders who buy them to supplement their own inventory...they usually keep their favorites, obviously. :-)

The pet chain distributors usually buy the common morphs faster than we can supply them, so they're not always available here - but if we have any available, they'll also be listed for sale on this page.

*** Wholesale Quantities of Hatchlings NOT Recommended For Beginners ***
This is an ethical disclaimer - We strongly urge beginner and novice level keepers to resist the temptation to buy a boatload of hatchlings and start their own gecko business. Out of an ethical responsibility to our geckos, I must insist that only experienced breeders and reptile resellers purchase hatchling crested geckos in wholesale numbers. If we find out you're new to geckos, we may be forced to cancel/refund your order. Hatchlings require more humidity and lower temperatures than adults - and handling should be kept to a minimum (your hand is a higher temperature than a hatchling should be exposed to).

Seasonal Pricing & Availability
Due to seasonal peaks and lulls in production, and the occasional spike in demand, pricing and availability are subject to change at any time.

Wholesale Shipment Scheduling
These gecko packages are a screaming hot deal, but there are also a few issues inherent to safely shipping large numbers of hatchlings. Because these are hatchlings, we're unable to use heat packs, and therefore we have to be a little more selective about the weather when shipping them. The use of cold packs can also be extremely tricky if it's cold on one end of the shipment, but warm on the other.

With the numbers we're dealing with on these, we also have to keep in mind that there's a limit to the number of geckos we can pack and ship in one day. This means when we catch a break in the weather after a long cold or heat spell, there may be a brief delay in getting a wholesale order shipped out as we catch up with retail shipments. Most times of year we have geckos available to ship immediately, and plenty of room on the schedule, but there are times when we're at the mercy of mother nature and our existing schedule of shipments. If you need to receive these geckos by a specific date, feel free to double check with John or Anthony before placing your order.

Distributor Pricing Available

For distributor pricing on orders of 100+ geckos, please contact Anthony directly via email.
* We are currently sold out on Wholesale Distributor quantities until spring/summer 2020 at the earliest.