Gargoyle Geckos

With care similar to that of a crested gecko, the gargoyle gecko has been steadily gaining in popularity since the early 2000's

Our gargoyle gecko collection, though started in 2003, is relatively tiny compared to our crested gecko collection (maybe a hundred or so breeder gargoyles vs. thousands of crested geckos). That being the case, availability will be more limited on these.

Over the years we've long been plagued with the problem of not producing many, if any, males - this is why you haven't seen more gargoyles from us the past few years. We took a couple years off from selling gargoyle geckos while we grew out babies and made our holdback selections when they were a bit older.

Discounts Available for Multiple Geckos

While there's always the occasional gecko that we are firm on the price of, we can usually work with you on a package deal for multiple geckos. For fastest response click HERE to Email Anthony to make an offer or inquire about a package deal.

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