Next Round of Auctions Ending:
Auctions End Every 5 minutes from
8:00PM PM (central) until we run out!.

A Note from AC

Thank you to all the guys and girls who showed up in force last time and made it a fun auction!

I don't think it could have gone any more smoothly, either!  The auction app seemed to work well, and winning bidders were able to complete checkout immediately after auctions ended, without any issues.

This auction app is very, very basic (for now - didn't want to customize it until we see how it does), but what makes it so good for customers and for myself is that it's incorporated into our store, which makes it faster/easier on my end to list and manage the auctions, and it's much faster and less confusing for bidders to place bids and to complete checkout. 

I didn't foresee this being as popular as bidding on Facebook, but commenting on a photo to place a bid, instead of using real auction software, presented some major convenience issues that I think made a lot of people reluctant to bid.  That being the case, I hope that the added convenience here will help offset the lack of having Facebook's traffic.  If not, you guys and girls are going to be in for some steals until word gets out. :-)

I will be adding new geckos to the website this week and then we'll be back for another round of auctions in the next week or two! Stay tuned for details!


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*** Currently Testing Auction "App", but AUCTIONS ARE REAL! ***
We're kinda in "beta testing" mode right now, but we're running REAL AUCTIONS while we test. Do not worry - we will be on standby when auctions are ending, and I will ALWAYS make sure the outcome is fair, even if I have to dip into some of my holdback geckos to make it right. If you have any trouble bidding, just email me at, and I'll make sure you're taken care of.

Thanks again for your continued support!


What is a Buy-It-Now (BIN) Offer?

These are limited time deals on geckos that can be purchased outright at any time while the current auctions are live. Once the last auction end, the discount will be removed and the gecko will be taken off the auctions page.  On occasion, I will offer a gecko that is priced firm on the website (this means no discounts, coupons, etc.) and I'll run a BIN offer on it.  This is literally the only time you'll see a discount on these firm priced geckos.  Why? It's basically a marketing gimmick designed to get you guys to look at the auctions page...because I know eventually you'll see something you can't live without.  :-)  I see it as an advertising expense, but instead of paying for more online ad placements, the person who actually buys the gecko reaps the reward (rather than Google or Facebook).

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