Firm Priced Geckos

While we are normally negotiable on multiple-gecko purchases, and we'll occasionally send out a coupon code to get things moving, there are a few geckos that I would only consider selling for a set price.  Think of it like an auction where you're bidding against me. :-)

Geckos that are priced firm are actual holdbacks that I've decided I can afford to part with for a price, and I will put on the website for a period of time.  Usually it's due to a gecko hatching toward the end of a respective season, relative to the rest of the project.  If I just have one female, I might put it up for sale until I have a male and another female or two that I can make a group with. The other cause would be if we ended up with really skewed sex ratios for a particular project.  Sometimes, they're just too young to breed, so I'll put them up for sale while they finish growing to breeding size.