Pixel (ACR Line)

Pixel x Super Soft+


Pixel is a gene that popped up here in my colony in the past 5-10 years and is just now starting to appear in any real numbers for us to play with.  A handful have been leaked on accident from my colony, but I've produced very few Pixels, relative to everything else I work with.  Disclaimer: I believe this is a different gene than some others being sold as Pixel, but the community has been fairly open-minded about what could be going on here, what's the same, what's different, etc. 

Pixel x Super Soft+

What's the Definition of Pixel?

Before you read any further, it's important to note that, as of mid-2024, we still don't know exactly how Pixel interacts with all the other genes and traits out there.  

What I noted first is the pixelated pattern on the sides, obviously where the name came from, but they also seem to have a lot going on with the dorsal.  Another thing we've started to see with some of the higher-end Pixel combos is that white pattern looks like it has been "eaten away" in a circular pattern - reminiscent of how a caterpillar eats a leaf.  This can occur on the dorsal, the white fringe on the hind legs, lateral markings, etc.  What else it does in other combos, I'm not sure yet.

PS: I don't know where gene "definitions" started, but "definitive" statements don't belong in serious conversations about a new gene.  We're all still learning exactly what Pixel does in various combos, a process that takes years. That being the case, I'm personally not comfortable making any concrete statements about what all Pixel does at this point.  Take any definition you read with a grain of salt - you'll likely see those definitions change over the next several years as new combos are produced.

Very Limited Availability for 2024