Wholesale Style Designer Combos

This is where you will find deals and steals on some of the hottest combos we're currently hatching (a few too many of). These geckos will be heavily discounted from their adult retail value.

If you think about what we are actually doing with these geckos, you realize we don't actually get to decide what we produce and in what quantities.  We, as breeders, are basically just playing a game of genetic odds with every designer combo. Working on a double homozygous combo, for example, will yield a ton of really nice and valuable double heterozygous offspring.  These geckos are way too nice to end up in a pet shop (unless it's a reptile specialty store) and we have too many to photograph, let alone raise up to adult size.

Long story short, this is what we're doing with those geckos and you should be able to find some of the best deals in the hobby - and we're keeping it unadvertised, so as not to alarm (or anger) our competitors.  If you don't get our newsletter, you probably won't hear much about these offers.

These deals will be announced through the ACR Newsletter, and subscribers will see lower pricing on the website when logged in.  To see special pricing, simply log in to your ACR account and make sure you're subscribed to the ACR Newsletter with the same email address.