Hatchling Crested Geckos

Average Size: 2+ grams
Sex: Unsexed - Cannot be loupe-sexed at this size. 
We've never had trouble being male-heavy, so we never hear complaints about too many males!

Things to know:

  • Generally speaking, hatchlings under 3-4 grams should only be sold to experienced breeders/keepers.  In fact, that's policy here. We'll only sell these to qualified individuals and recommend you do the same.
  • The longer you grow these out, the closer to their adult value you will be able to get for them.  If you raise them to adult size, they'll be worth 5, 10, 20 times what you're paying, no exaggeration.
  • At this size, they can be sold online and safely shipped, but care must be taken to keep them cool and well-hydrated. Also, keep in mind hatchlings under 3-4 grams aren't recommended for the novice keeper.
  • This is the most economical way to start a collection and build inventory, but you're earning the low pricing by doing more of the work to grow them out.