Juvenile Crested Geckos

Size: 5-10+ grams
Sex: Unsexed - Can be loupe-sexed, but we do not do so here. 
We've never had trouble being male-heavy, so we never hear complaints about too many males!

Things to know:

  • Generally speaking, this is the size we recommend for the average gecko keeper.  Juveniles, compared to hatchlings, are tougher and more forgiving of minor husbandry errors (like exposure to less-than-ideal temperatures or humidity).  This makes juveniles a good choice for end-customers who still want to raise a gecko from the time it's a "baby", as well as those who want the most bang for their buck in terms of price, while having a better idea of a gecko's adult coloration and sex.
  • The longer you grow these out, the closer to their adult value you will be able to get for them.  If you raise them to adult size, they'll be worth 5, 10, 20 times what you're paying, no exaggeration.
  • At this size, they can be sold online and safely shipped, but care must be taken to keep them cool and well-hydrated.  Most gecko keepers will do fine with crested geckos at this size.
  • If you're looking for geckos substantial enough in size to make a good display at shows, without having to grow them out for a while, juveniles are a great option.  It's also good for those building up a project or collection, as juveniles are able to be loupe-sexed, allowing you to know what you have and what you still need to pick up for a particular project.