Specialty Project Bundles

Specialty Project Bundles

Here you will find what I think is going to be a great middle ground between wholesale and retail.  You don't get to pick the exact geckos you get, but you're purchasing geckos from a specific project that I specialize in, and they come in unrelated groups of 5. In other words, you're getting geckos from my favorite projects that I would personally select to start your project with.

I outcross constantly to make sure we produce big, strong geckos without the need to sacrifice appearance by having to breed incompatible colors or patterns.  I do that by setting up multiple outcrossed groups and then treat them as separate lines within the same project.  If you're trying to build up a solid collection of compatible colors and patterns, here is where you can benefit from my tendency to start multiple lineages at the same time.  

These different offers will come in and out of stock throughout the year.  Oddly enough, we tend to see specific trends in what's currently hatching - because I usually set up groups of the same project at one time and they end up on the same breeding schedule.   If there's a lot of something cool hatching, there's a chance you'll be able to scoop them up here. 

I am picking these out for you guys as they ship and I cannot undertake this specialized selection process with everything (i.e., other wholesale geckos), so these will be offered in our top projects only.

SAVE $300 when you buy ANY THREE of our 5x Specialty Project Bundles
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