• Full box deals are only offered as they are listed. 
    No customization, partial orders, etc. We have some great deals available for smaller quantities, but these deals are only possible for me to offer when I'm shipping a LARGE box of geckos that's completely full. Shipping this number of geckos at once allows me to streamline the sorting process and maximize the box space used (and therefore your shipping dollars).  
  • No holds, payment plans or rain checks.
    These offers are a VERY limited time thing.  We're just trying to get surplus gecko inventory down quickly, to buy time until we're ready to open a second warehouse (and a private gecko showroom!!!).
  • Shipping is a flat $99 per box, no combined shipping.
    These boxes are the largest size we use, packed completely full.  I'm taking a loss of about $30-50 per box on these, which is fine, but we can't afford to do unlimited geckos at these prices for one shipping fee.

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