Please keep an eye out for lows below freezing (32F) 

This time of year can be challenging to get geckos shipped, but the average order still makes it out within a couple of weeks.  We are happy to put you down for shipping on a particular day, but please remember that the overall weather (temperatures as well as road conditions) is what will ultimately decide if we're able to ship that day, or not. 

Thanks for your understanding!  We appreciate it, and so do the geckos!


Week of Monday, 3/1/21

  • Monday 3/1 -  SCHEDULE FULL
  • Tuesday 3/2 -  SCHEDULE FULL
  • Wednesday 3/3 - SCHEDULE FULL

*** FEDEX UPDATE Monday 3/1/21 ***

We have been instructed by NOT TO SHIP on Monday 3/1.

As of last week there were 6 million FedEx Express packages delayed in transit at the Memphis sort facility and I am hearing reports of reptiles that had been shipped the week prior (during the huge storm) that have still not been delivered.  As much as I absolutely hate getting behind on shipping and making customers wait, I can't live with the risk of having geckos sit in a box for a week or longer (I've opened a box of dead geckos myself and it's something you'll wish you hadn't seen).  With that in mind, I can't express how much I appreciate your patience during this time.  I hate this too, so I feel your pain.  I'll be sending out some bonus geckos to say thank you when shipping resumes. :-)


This page is updated manually, so any spots available to ship may already be taken by the time you request shipment.  We schedule shipments on a "first come, first served" basis, although priority is always given to those who've been waiting the longest.

We typically require one week advance notice to ship wholesale orders (10+ geckos).  This means you'll need to schedule your shipment at least one full week before you want a wholesale order shipped. This ensures I know exactly how many geckos I will need to pack and ship on a particular day  You can't afford to be short on time or overwhelmed when you're shipping live animals, so proper planning is a must. We appreciate your understanding.

Want to schedule a shipment further in advance?

No problem! Just follow the instructions below, and let us know the date that you'd like us to ship.  Remember, all shipments are scheduled pending safe weather conditions.



To schedule your shipment, simply email to schedule your order with the following information:

1. The date you'd like us to ship.  You'll receive your gecko(s) the following day.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you tell us to ship your order "as soon as possible", that will not get you on the schedule.  We will still have to check back with you before we add you to the schedule for a particular day.  For the safety of our geckos, we always want to make absolutely sure that we aren't booking a shipment to arrive on a day you're going to be away.  If there happens to be a range of dates that will work for you, you can tell us which dates they are and we'll gladly schedule for the soonest available of those dates.

2. All order numbers you're expecting to be shipped. 

3. Total number of geckos you expect to receive.
(DON'T FORGET to include BOGO's, any bonuses we promised, wholesale geckos, etc.)

If you place a new order for another gecko (or 10) after you've scheduled your shipment, please be sure to email us again with your newly revised list of order numbers and total number of geckos you're expecting!

IMPORTANT: Why we may not return your scheduling email right away.
We are not ignoring you, I promise! :-) As our shipping schedule gets tight, I will flag emails for later review and then do the scheduling in batches.  This allows us to plan better and squeeze in as many orders as is safely possible on a given day.  If we have a set limit to the number of boxes that we can ship in one day, without knowing how many geckos are actually in each box, then we won't be able to get as many geckos out the door.  Long story short, by doing it this way we are able to get more orders out the door, and we can offer alternative days for customers, if we can't get them in on the day they request. If Sunday rolls around and you still haven't heard back about your shipment that week, email again or shoot me a text. My personal cell number is 816-509-0712 (don't call me to leave a message at 3AM please! lol).  My phone gets terrible (if any) reception out in the gecko area of our metal building, so texting is usually much better than calling, as I will eventually get texts the next time I walk into the front office.

Shipments are ALWAYS Scheduled *Tentatively, Pending Safe Weather Conditions*
We always reserve the right to postpone a shipment if we feel it's in the best interest of the geckos.  I have probably spent days of my life rescheduling shipments and emailing customers, but I sleep well knowing that we have averaged roughly 1 DOA every 5 years....barely a fraction of one percent.  If, on shipping day, we determine that we cannot safely ship your package due to unsafe temperatures, we will contact you via email to let you know shipment has been postponed due to weather. We *REALLY* hate doing this, but sometimes we have no choice.

My priority list goes like this: Geckos first, then the customer, then me.  If I postpone a shipment, it's for the geckos sake, not mine. I can usually pack your order in about the same amount of time it will take me to reschedule the shipment, email you, etc.

Wholesale Orders Must Be Scheduled at Least 1 Week in Advance.
This applies to any lots of 10 or more. If you do need a wholesale order shipped out in a hurry, please contact us prior to placing your order, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Otherwise, please plan on your wholesale order shipping the following week.

PS - We SINCERELY appreciate your patience and cooperation while we get your geckos to you safely and in the best of health. I know how exciting it is to get a new gecko (or 10) and I know the torture of having to wait all too well! - AC

Click HERE to Review our Shipping Policies & Guidelines for Proper Temperatures & Other Info