PLEASE NOTE: Shipping for pickup at your local FedEx Ship Center (aka "hub") is always recommended!

I am now highly recommending that we ship to a FedEx Ship Center (aka hub) for pickup on all gecko shipments, especially when temperatures are less than ideal (cold or hot). This prevents you from having to wait around for a delivery truck, and it enables you to get pick up your geckos at your convenience that day (they'll be kept indoors until you pick up).  It also allows you to get to them sooner, should we be forced to use heat packs. 

If you don't know the address of your nearest FedEx Ship Center, I can find it for you when I book your shipment and then I'll send you the address on shipping day (the day before your shipment arrives).  If you're unable to pick up at a hub, don't worry - we can still ship to your home.  We will just have to be extra careful when shipping in inclement weather. 


  • We ship geckos on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. 

  • Wednesdays are almost always booked up a few weeks in advance because we have large wholesale orders that have to ship on Wednesdays for arrival in time for veterinary inspection and fecal tests.

  • We cannot ship on Thursday or Friday due to increased risk in the event of a delay.

  • Follow scheduling instructions below to schedule your shipment directly with Anthony via email.
    If you don't hear back, your email may have gone to spam/junkmail.  In this case, please text me at 816-509-0712.

  • *We ship FedEx Overnight meaning shipments will arrive the next day.
  • Please remember all wholesale shipments require a minimum of 5 business days advance notice when you schedule shipment. 

Our shipment schedule can become very hectic at times, particularly after weather has been bad for extended periods.  As such, it will often fill up fast when weather gets nice because we have several weeks worth of orders waiting to ship.  That being the case, it's always a good idea to schedule as far in advance as you can (within reason).  Please get in touch with Anthony about available ship dates before you make major changes to your schedule, such as requesting a day off of work.  If you're worried about getting geckos in time for a show or export, please get in touch with me via email and we'll get it worked out for you.

We typically require one week advance notice to ship wholesale orders (10+ geckos).  This means you'll need to schedule your shipment at least one full week before you want a wholesale order shipped. This ensures I know exactly how many geckos I will need to pack and ship on a particular day and enables me to get as many customers orders out as possible.  You can't afford to be in a rush when you're shipping live animals, so proper planning is a must - especially with the numbers we deal with.  As always, I appreciate your understanding and I guarantee your wholesale shipment will be well worth the wait. :-)


To schedule your shipment, simply email and include the following info...

1. Specify a date or a range of dates that you'd like us to ship your order.  Orders will arrive the next day.

If you tell us to ship "as soon as possible", that will not secure a spot on the schedule at that time. We will still have to check back with you before we add you to the schedule for a particular day.  For the safety of our geckos, we always want to make absolutely sure that we aren't booking a shipment to arrive on a day you're going to be away. 

If there happens to be a range of dates that will work for you, include that in your email.  That works out especially well because we can just schedule you for the soonest available of those dates and let you know without a long back and forth exchange of emails.  I never mind working with you to find the best date, but if you're in a hurry to get on the schedule before it fills up, this might help.  The more info you give us, the better and faster we can serve you!


VERY IMPORTANT - If you place another order after you've scheduled your shipment, you must email us with an updated shipping request so that we can put that new order number on the schedule. Otherwise, it will likely not ship with your previous order(s).

DON'T FORGET to include any bonuses we agreed to send, wholesale geckos, etc.

If you place a new order after you've scheduled your shipment, please be sure to email us again with your newly revised list of order numbers and total number of geckos you're expecting, so that we can add your new order to the schedule.


I may not reply to your scheduling email right away. Please don't panic.

I am not ignoring you, I promise! :-)  Because I have to schedule shipments on the back-end of our website from a computer, I will flag emails for later review, often from my phone, and then do the scheduling in batches.  This enables me to plan better, so that we can squeeze in as many orders as is safely possible on a given day.  If we have a set limit to the number of boxes that we ship in one day, without knowing how many geckos are actually in each box, then we won't be able to get as many geckos out the door.  Doing it this way actually takes a little more effort on our end, but allows us to get the maximum number of orders out the door each day.  This also allows us to offer alternative shipping dates to customers, if we can't get an order out on the date requested.

If shipping day comes and you still haven't heard back about your shipment, please shoot me a text. My personal cell number is 816-509-0712. Please mention your name and order number if we haven't already texted before.  Texts are preferable to phone calls. My iPhone gets terrible (if any) reception out in our metal building. Texting is far more reliable.

Shipments are ALWAYS Scheduled *Pending Safe Weather Conditions*

We always reserve the right to postpone a shipment if we feel it's in the best interest of the geckos.  I have probably spent days of my life rescheduling shipments and emailing customers, but I sleep well knowing that we have averaged roughly 1 DOA every 5 years....barely a fraction of a percent.  If, on shipping day, we determine that we cannot safely ship your package due to unsafe temperatures, we will contact you via email to let you know shipment has been postponed due to weather. I *REALLY* hate doing this, but sometimes we have no choice.

My priority list goes like this: Geckos first, then the customer, then me.  If I postpone a shipment, it's for the geckos sake, not mine.  It takes me nearly as long to reschedule a day's worth of orders as it takes to pack and ship them, so I don't want to do that any more than necessary.

I personally appreciate your patience and cooperation while we get your geckos to you safely and in the best of health. I know how exciting it is to get a new gecko (or 10) and I know the torture of having to wait all too well...I've gone plenty of nights without sleep because I was so excited for geckos to arrive. :-)

- Anthony

Click HERE to Review our Shipping Policies & Guidelines for Proper Temperatures & Other Info