International Shipment Information

While we only ship geckos to US addresses, we have successfully worked with a number of US-based export brokers over the years.  While we are happy to ship to the export broker of your choice, there are some things you should know up front.

  • We do not get involved with the export process in any capacity. We simply ship to a US-based exporter and you work with them to arrange shipping, etc.

  • We are unable to hold animals for extended periods of time for export.  We prefer to have all orders shipped within 30 days, but may make exceptions IF this is discussed before you place your order. 

  • We maintain a strict "all sales final" policy, so it is recommended that you only place an order after you've made contact with an exporter and you're sure that you'll be able to receive your geckos.

  • Individually-pictured geckos purchased for export must ship to the exporter in the US within 30 days (though we may make exceptions if you ask prior to placing your order). 

  • Wholesale orders intended for export need to ship to your exporter within 10 business days.

  • We guarantee geckos will be delivered 100% healthy to your exporter, but no further health guarantees can be made.  Once your reptiles are in the possession of your exporter, it is your responsibility to ensure those animals are given adequate care.  

Recommended Reptile Exporters

This is an actual import/export business that specializes in shipping reptiles.  They are based in Canada, but pick up US-based shipments in the US and export them from there.

Japan, South Korea
Steve Sykes at Geckos, Etc. does a lot of business in Asia and has been of help on numerous occasions. I'm not sure if they offer export services to everyone, but if you're in Asia, Steve would be a good person to check with.

Hong Kong & Other Parts of Asia
Dynasty Reptiles
Chun Ku at Dynasty Reptiles has been exporting for years and has experience with big numbers.  Chun has helped us get animals to customers in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia on occasion with great success.

Europe - Hamm Show
Dutch Dragon Import
For many years (as long as I can remember) we have sent geckos to every Hamm Show.  We would ship to our friends at Reptile Industries, Florida, USA and they would export the animals from the US to the Hamm show, where Dutch Dragon Import would import and distribute the animals at the show.   As you're likely aware, the Hamm show has been indefinitely canceled due to the COVID pandemic, so we are currently not accepting orders for delivery at Hamm.  DDI may still offer import services and delivery to customers in Europe, but you would need to check with them. 

FAQ about Distributor Quantities (200+)

We cannot offer deeper discounts for large orders. Wholesale quantities are typically in very limited supply - we simply don't need larger orders.

Do you have hundreds of babies available?
Not at this time.  Wholesale crested geckos are currently in high demand and low supply. 

If I place a deposit for 300 babies, can you wait and ship when you have them available?
Unfortunately not. We are unable to hold wholesale babies until we can fill a larger order. For quality control purposes, I pack and ship everything personally.  As such, I actually prefer to sell/ship smaller numbers of geckos as they become available. This ensures the geckos receive proper care and that I'm not rushing a huge number of geckos out the door in one day. 

NOTE: It's imperative that your exporter takes proper care of wholesale hatchling geckos while in transit. 
Make sure that your exporter understands that they will need to set the geckos up and at least water them while in transit.  They probably won't eat, nor do they need to, but fresh water and a dry cage are important.  We ship on damp paper towels, in order to ensure they don't dehydrate in transit (if they get hot, etc.).