Wholesale Tailless Mixed Common Morphs (Minimum Order of 20)

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Wholesale Tailless Crested Geckos
Mixed Common Morphs

Tigers, Dalmatians, Harlequins, Partial Pinstripes, Etc.

This price range sells extremely well at reptile shows and in reptile specialty stores!

Mixed common morph hatchlings will be approximately 2-5 grams, unsexed, and with no tails.

The reason we can sell these at this price is by packing them efficiently without having to look for particular colors or patterns. These will be very nice geckos for the price and are from some of the same genetically diverse, and strong, bloodlines as our high-end geckos.

Strict Minimum Order of 20 Geckos or More
This is "wholesale only" pricing. Orders for fewer than 20 will be automatically cancelled and refund will be issued in 3-5 business days. These geckos will retail from $49 to $149.

Quantity Discounts
Order 50+ @ 5% OFF - Discount automatically applied at checkout.
Order 100+ @15% Off - Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Attention Pet Shop Distributors
This is where surplus wholesale geckos are listed after we fill orders from our pet shop distributors. Please Email Anthony directly (link at bottom of page) to be put on a list of people we contact when we have large numbers (100+) available, as well as distributor pricing information.