Wholesale - High-End Hatchling Crested Geckos - Full Tails - READY TO SHIP

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Minimum quantity for "Wholesale - High-End Hatchling Crested Geckos - Full Tails - READY TO SHIP" is 10.

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High-End Wholesale Crested Gecko Hatchling - Full Tails

  • Guaranteed Full Tails IF SHIPPED WITHIN 30 DAYS.
  • 4+ Weeks Old
    *We have customers who buy thousands per year at 2 weeks old and have zero losses, so these WILL do well if kept at 70-74 degrees and humid. 
  • Unsexed
  • First Come, First Served...No holds or payment plans on wholesale.
  • I will be hand-picking these and will do my best to accommodate reasonable requests. Please understand the more specific the request, the harder it is to meet. 
  • We are unable to meet requests asking us to exclude particular morphs or traits.  Wholesale often puts us at the mercy of what's hatching right now.
  • Minimum Order 10 - Order any number you want, as long as it’s 10 or more.

PLEASE NOTE: We regretfully cannot sell or reserve more geckos than are currently available on the website. You can, however order more as they become available without paying for shipping again. Simply choose "Ship with existing order" at checkout to avoid paying a second shipping charge.

Wholesale Hatchlings ARE ONLY Intended for Experienced Breeders/Resellers

** HATCHLINGS ARE VERY SMALL: Must be kept cool and humid! **

We will only sell these to experienced breeders and resellers. If we learn you're new to hatchling crested geckos before we ship, your order may be cancelled and refunded. If you haven't hatched a crested gecko before, you will be SURPRISED at how small they are. If your room is too warm, cage too big or barren, or you don't keep the humidity correct, you WILL have dehydration issues.  We have experienced breeders who buy thousands per year and they don't lose any...that's because they keep them cool and humid.  A 5 gram juvenile can take a lot more heat than a hatchling before drying out, so you should not assume it's the same.

You will not find a better deal or nicer geckos for the money anywhere, and I will guarantee that. In fact, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or you can ship them back the next day for a refund, no questions asked.

    The following and more will be included in these groups…no average geckos - these are the ones that are far too nice to go to our regular pet store distributors.

    • High Quality Full Pinstripes
      You will usually see a good number of full pins with excellent color and structure from many of the various projects listed below.

    • Quad Stripes & Phantom Quad (Lateral Striping)
      I actually coined the term "lateral striping" back in the mid-2000's and we've been focused on awesome lateral markings ever since. You'll see evidence of that in a lot of the Pinstripes and Phantom Pins that you get.
    • Red Pinstripes & Phantoms
      Red Harlequins, which later developed into Red Pinstripes, were our first designer crested gecko project and we produce a ton of them today. Next generation breeders added in 2018 - crazy stuff coming out of these now!
    • C2/Citrus Line Pinstripes, Phantoms & Dalmatians
      We produce some of the brightest and cleanest colored yellows and oranges in the hobby, largely due to the development of the "C2" cream-on-cream project and what it eventually did for our Citrus project. 
    • Tangerine Pinstripe Crosses & Phantoms
      (Lavender/Black & Yellow/Orange Bases)

    • Halloween Pinstripes & Phantoms
    • Red Dalmatians & Possible Super Dalmatians

    • NICE Phantom Pinstripes
      Red, Citrus/C2, Tangerine, Lavender/Black & Halloween Color Varieties. Pattern variants include Quad Stripes, Dalmatians, Etc.
    • Extreme Harlequins
      Only if they’re extremes - no standard harlequins.
    • Lower Expression Whiteouts - NEWLY ADDED for Late 2018/Early 2019
      We are now including some low to medium white examples of the popular Whiteout or "Whitewall" lateral markings.
    • Possible Soft Scales - NEWLY ADDED for 2019
      We're currently doing a ton of outcrossing with the ever-exciting Soft Scale project, so there are going to be a number of Soft Scales in these lots that will become much more obvious with a little age.

    Special Requests are ALWAYS Taken Into Consideration (Just no guarantees)
    Satisfaction is our number one goal, and while we always like to know what morphs you’re into when pulling a wholesale shipment for you, we can't guarantee we'll come across exactly what you're looking for. That's just the nature of the wholesale beast. That said, Anthony will be hand selecting every single one of these geckos himself, and he will do his best to make you one happy camper. :-)

    Top Notch Quality - Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    We want you to be thrilled, and you absolutely should be with these. But if you’re not, ship them back the same day you receive them (that’s the only catch - has to be that same day - we cannot take geckos back that have been housed in your reptile room) and we’ll issue a full refund.
    Why would we sell super nice crested geckos at wholesale prices?
    Bottom line, we're a large producer and we can't retail all of them - there's just no way possible. Yes, it's a screaming deal...but the catch is you have to take a pretty serious number of geckos, and you have to put the work into raising them (or selling them individually). This is a no-brainer of a deal for breeders, dealers, and specialty reptile store owners. This is, however, not recommended for those who've never dealt with a number of hatchling crested geckos before, as the care requirements are considerably more strict for the first 8-12 weeks of a crested gecko's life.

    *** Shipping Available Only to US Addresses ***