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Optional High End Crested Geckos - Auction Winners ONLY (While Supplies Last)
Auction winners are currently being given the opportunity to purchase the optional crested gecko offer(s) below. This offer is only available at the time of checkout, so please understand you will not be able to take advantage of this offer separately. These will be the same quality/bloodlines that we put up for auction.

3 Unsexed High-End Crested Gecko Hatchlings Without Tail $99

3 Pack Unsexed High-End Crested Gecko Hatchlings Tails for $149

While Supplies Last - No Rainchecks
We are not able to do this year-round, so this offer is is only valid while supplies last (absolutely no rainchecks). We will immediately remove this option when we are sold out, so if you see this offer available, you can still order.

No special requests or individual photos, but they will be NICE.

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Want to combine shipments with another order or auction win?
Our flat-rate $39 shipping charge covers an unlimited number of reptiles. This means you can combine an unlimited number of orders and auctions in a single $39 shipment!

If you would like this order shipped with another order that you've already paid shipping on, just choose the Ship With Existing Order as the shipping option.

Congratulations on your auction win!

If you did not win the corresponding auction at, please do not order this animal. This is a private ordering page for the winning bidder to complete checkout.