STUNNING Tangerine Quad Stripe (Possible Soft Scale) - Original Tangerine Line: 7th Generation C2/Soft Outcross! - 11g Female

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STUNNING Tangerine Quad Stripe (Possible Soft Scale) - Original Tangerine Line 7th Generation C2/Soft Outcross - 11g Female

This girl is off the charts as far as our Tangerine project goes...some of the most intense color I've seen, thanks to the C2 line's influence, and most likely the presence of the Soft Scale gene as well. Whatever's going on, this gecko is something you will likely not find available anywhere else - at least not at this level of refinement.

This girl may very well prove to be a Soft Scale, but I'm totally out of my wheelhouse with these really colorful geckos coming from our Soft Scale projects. They're just too new for me to make any guarantees, but I'm pretty sure that explains the dramatically improved color we're seeing.

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