Auction Gecko - 092819-F13_23g

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Super Soft Scale Tri-Color with Whitewall Laterals - INTENSE CONTRAST! - 23g Female

If you're sometimes overly critical of structure like I am, you'll really appreciate this one, once you get past all the eye candy that is her color/pattern. She has top shelf structure and she's only 23 grams (it'll get even better) which I say not only because of her perfectly proportioned head and dorsal, but also because she has a very heavy dose of Harry influence, making the pin and crest scales so exaggerated (that will continue to develop with age too). She looks to me like she'll end up with better structure than Harry himself.

Her color is just impeccable...clean color with tons of intensity. The Whitewall laterals are big and bold. I just can't say enough good things about this particular female. She's going to make some incredible babies.

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