Yellow Tiger Phantom Quad Stripe (C2/Citrus Outcross) - EXCELLENT Structure, Clean Color, Crisp Tiger Markings & Spiny Laterals - 32g Male

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Yellow Tiger Phantom Quad Stripe (C2/Citrus Outcross) - EXCELLENT Structure, Clean Color, Crisp Tiger Markings & Spiny Laterals

Sex: Male
Weight: 32g

What looks like a simple Tiger/Phantom upon first glance is actually a very well-rounded Phantom with a lot going on. He has a very clean base color and crisp Tiger markings thanks to the C2 lineage, and insanely nice head/body structure and spiny laterals to top it all off. This should end up being a LARGE gecko (we've had these hit 75-80 grams and those are only 3 years old!).

PS - He also has the "dark margin" on the inside of the dorsal that you may have heard me talk about...we've played around with that trait in our Area 51 project and it is absolutely workable/heritable. I have more projects than I can keep track of and this one has been on the backburner for ages here, so I've started putting them out there and not saying much else. If you're a gecko nerd like me and you like Phantoms, you'll have fun tinkering with it.

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