JUVENILE Ultra High-End Crested Geckos - Unsexed - No Tails - Quantity Discounts - As low as $75!

40 geckos
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Minimum quantity for "JUVENILE Ultra High-End Crested Geckos - Unsexed - No Tails - Quantity Discounts - As low as $75!" is 10.

Ultra High-End Plus - JUVENILE Crested Geckos


Size: 4-10+ grams each
The majority will be in the 6-8 gram range...a few smaller ones and a few bigger ones.  We haven't offered these in a couple months, so I don't know if there are any left at 4-5 grams, but I'm leaving myself a little cushion. 

Sex: Unsexed - Some may be able to be loupe sexed at this size, but I have not done so. We have never had the issue of being male heavy, so I don't worry about figuring out what's what until they're around 30 grams.  When you're playing with geckos of this caliber, the males can often times be more valuable than females due to how fast genetics can be spread. 

These are the geckos I kept back out of the ultra high-ends that are selling out at $59 as 4-week-old hatchlings. This is stuff I would typically either keep or grow out to sell with pictures later, but we have more than we can grow out or photograph/list. I haven’t had as much time to shoot pictures as I would have liked lately (toddler in the house and daycare keeps shutting down for covid), so I'm clearing out an entire rack to help get us caught up.

No Tails
If this quality at this price sounds too good to be true, it's not - here's the catch. :-) We had some shedding issues with the winter weather messing with our humidity levels (too high, too low, back and forth), and basically ended up with a lot of geckos dropping tails when we were helping them shed.  Happens every winter, honestly.  These will not have tails, but these geckos are at a price point and level of quality at which the end-customer rarely cares about the presence of a tail.  Basically, at this level, nobody usually cares about tails unless they're new to the hobby/market. I would go so far as to say every one of these will be worth $500+ as adults. Complete no-brainer if you're a breeder looking to expand/enhance your collection, or if you deal with higher-end gecko buyers and need some serious geckos to offer them over the winter.  The good news is that I'm shipping geckos without tails, rather than cherry-picking what I keep to sell based on appearance (if I keep them this long, they all look good).

Here’s some of what will be in these lots...

Phantom & Phantom Soft Scale Combos
Our phantoms are second to none…lots of white markings, great structure, killer Tiger/Brindle patterning, Dalmatian/Super Dalmatian combos...and most importantly, they come from quality structured and colored adults.  Most of these will be yellow, orange or red as adults.  A good number of the Phantoms we produce today are carrying the Soft Scale gene, though the lack of patterning makes them a little more tricky to identify - until you prove them out by getting a Phantom Super Soft, which there's no mistaking.  If you haven't figured it out already, Phantom x Lilly and Phantom x Whitewall are becoming more and more in demand as people see them.  I anticipate that Phantoms will become a major focus for a lot of ciliatus breeders in the coming years, just as they have with me in the past few years.

Soft Scales & Possible Super Softs - Various Colors

We’re producing INSANE stuff in this project - Soft scale is doing big things when combined with bright colors. I have some stuff set aside for these packages that will blow you away as babies, and you’ll keep being blown away as you see them mature.

Pink-Red Harlequin/Pinstripes (Pink/Red & Cream and Tri-Colors)

We’re hatching a lot of these in particular right now - hatchlings that are obvious reds typically don’t turn out to be anything but awesome red adults.

Red Dalmatian & Possible Super Dalmatians

Our Dalmatians will develop new spots and existing spots will grow proportionately larger - many times a group of spots will become one big "ink" spot.  Some of these will become heavily spotted Super Dalmatians.  A good number of our Dalmatians will be Phantom Pins with the pinstripe structure and some white "highligthted" pinning.

C2 Projects - C2/Citrus & C2/Tangerine Line Yellows & Oranges

Not a ton of these, but these are some of the BEST yellows and oranges on the planet, hands down.They start off pale, but will blow you away as they grow.

Lavender and Lavender/Black & Cream Pinstripes & Quads
Many with Whiteout Laterals and/or Tangerine Pigment, lots of soft scales in this variety as well.

Jet Black Halloween Harlequins and Halloween Tri-Colors
Some of the nicest color and structure you’ve ever seen. Many are Soft Scales.

Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals
These have been worked into all of our top projects, so you’ll see some of that in a variety of projects.

Tangerine Pigment on All Kinds of Stuff!!
Tangerine is turning out to be just as cool with Lilly White and Whitewalls as I expected it to be, so we are focusing a LOT on this gene/pigment that I named and started developing in the 2004-2005 season.  There will be a good number of geckos with tangerine pigment, including some from my ultra-refined and intense "Bubblegum" line, which exhibit pink tones anywhere white/or cream markings are present. 

Honestly - those are oooold pics.  If that stuff impresses you, order some and you'll soon see why the hatchlings are usually sold out! :-) - There will be absolutely nothing but OUTSTANDING JUVENILES in this group, and I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with what you receive. These photos were randomly chosen photos of geckos we've sold and are in no way your "best case scenario", but a very accurate representation of what you can expect to receive.

If you don’t think this is the best deal to be had in crested geckos, period, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked. I’ve been telling people that about our wholesale lots for years and we have yet to get any back!

Feel free to email me with any questions.