Super Soft Scale Red Tri-Color - CLEAN Red Base and Incredible Structure - Ultra Rare Soft Scale - 38g Female

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SuperSoft Scale Red Tri-Color - CLEAN Red Base and Incredible Structure - Ultra Rare Soft Scale

Sex: Female
Weight in Grams: 38

This girl was mislabeled as a Soft Scale for a while (wrong tag got on the cage, had help shooting pics, didn't question it once it got to the website), but is actually a Super - and an obvious one, at that.  I did not mean to list this gecko (we don't have many red supers like this), but I'm going to leave her up for a bit since we already did it.

This is one of the only Red Supers we've ever offered that wasn't from the "Dark Red" line that appeared over time within the original Soft Scale project.  This is a mixture of our Neon line and our Lava line reds combined with the Harry/Soft scale line.  She has the silvery eyes we've noticed are part of the Super Soft appearance, as well as the visually different skin texture.  Whoever gets her will be at the top of the food chain in terms of Red Super Softs.


This is one of the only in the world like it, and the only one available for sale, so she is priced firm at $2K.  If this was a male, I'd be at $2.5-3K...just FYI. 
No discounts on this one (though I will deal on multiples if you're buying other geckos too) and coupons will not be applied to this gecko in your cart, etc.

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