Bubblegum Line Tangerine Tinted Lavender/Black & Cream Whitewall (Soft Scale) - Intense Tangerine Tinted Creamy Dorsal - 35g Female

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Bubblegum Line Tangerine Tinted Lavender/Black & Cream Whitewall (Soft Scale)

Sex: Female
Weight in Grams: 35

Tangerine tinted creamy dorsal and head/crests, nice Whiteout/Whitewall laterals, picture perfect head/body structure and a Soft Scale too. On the lighter side for the Bubblegum lineage (a small branch of our Tangerine project), but still showing Tangerine into adulthood! Most breeders can take a gecko like this and utilize it in a new project every year in order to go different directions with this particular set of genetics. Very high-end gecko and ready to breed now. For maximum growth potential, I would wait a while longer, as this lineage can top out at 80+ grams, male or female.

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