Soft Scale Lavender/Black Tri-Color Extreme Harlequin Pin - Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals and Tangerine Tinted Dorsal - GORGEOUS - 28g Male

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List Price: $250

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(SOFT SCALE) Lavender/Black Tri-Color - Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals and Tangerine Tinted Dorsal - GORGEOUS!
Website List Price: $900

Sex: Male
Weight in Grams: 28

Absolutely stunning gecko - the only reason I'm not keeping him is because I don't have any girls for him, and he already has a couple of older brothers here waiting for girls.   Stunning gecko and he will produce consistent high-quality offspring.  Almost every gecko produced from this pairing has this exact color and nearly solid creamy dorsal. 

EDIT: I forgot to mention Soft Scale...hence the $900 price tag. This guy could be a Super Soft! -AC

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