Red Soft Scale Extreme Harlequin Pinstripe - Possible Super Soft - INCREDIBLY RARE - 11g Female

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Red Soft Scale Extreme Harlequin Pinstripe - Possible Super Soft - INCREDIBLY RARE
Website List Price: $1,000

Sex: Female (No Pores Visible)
Weight: 11 grams

This is a combination of the Harry/Soft Scale line dark reds and our bright red "REx" line Red Extreme Harlequin project. Excellent Harlequin markings, Harry line pinstripe structure and a very obvious Soft Scale, if she's not a Super (I think she is). Red, Harry line structure and Soft Scale already sound good enough for doing a Whitewall (or LW) project, but the Extreme Harlequin markings just make it 10x more exciting to see if you can get Whitewalls to take on that "peaks and valleys" shape like her Harlequin markings...and I've done exactly that before with Extreme Harley and Whitewall, so it should work.

Rarity wise, there might be 10 of these Soft Scale Harry/Red/Extreme Harleys on the planet...and all but 1 or 2 of those are still here at our facility. I just decided it would be cool to start unveiling some larger versions of the babies we'll be seeing this coming season, and get a nice collection of photos built up to use as examples that's the reality of why this one is available.

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