Soft Scale (Possible Super) Tiger Phantom Quad Stripe - Dalmatian & Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals - Pink/Tang Tinted Everything - 25g Male

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Soft Scale (Possible Super) Tiger Phantom Quad Stripe - Dalmatian & Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals - Pink/Tang Tinted Everything

Sex: Male
Weight: 25 grams

Lots going on here...this gecko is a great example of why I ignore people who try to can a gecko into one morph. This one could be called a number of things and no one would be wrong. There are probably less than 10 people on earth who could break this thing down by looking at it, and not knowing the lineage,  so I'm resorting to bullet points on this one:

  • Soft Scale...100% sure and he's an obvious one, probably a Super. The eyes are silver instead of the typical copper color, something linked to the Soft Scale gene.  Not only could it be a Super Soft...if I had to bet on either Soft or Super, I'd put my money on Super.  If I could guarantee Super, I'd be at $1,200 instead of $800.
  • Whiteout/Whitewall Lateral Striping - These are outstanding for a phantom, and you can see where they're trying to reach down to the belly. This gecko will throw incredible Whitewalls (Phantom and non-Phantom) if you have the females to put him with.  The laterals have a pinkish tint to them from the Tangerine AND they're outlined in Tiger markings, which means you could do crazy things using this male and some Lilly White and Whitewall females.
  • Tangerine Tint - Pinkish on dorsal (where the color is lightest) and gives the entire gecko its color, which would otherwise be a clean cream base color. 
  • Tiger Markings - This gecko, due to some C2 line genetics, has very reduced Tiger patterning, which has taken the form of "reverse pinning" and outlining those awesome laterals. 
  • Dalmatian Spots - Should increase in size and number with age. Spots tend to get BIG on these as they grow.

  • Harry x Soft Scale DNA - Though it may be as many as 12 generations back, this unparalleled lineage is the cornerstone of all our Soft Scales and Supers.  This ensures structure and size are second to none, with shaggy "Harry Line" crests/pinstripe becoming the norm and some of their modern-day descendants reaching 80+ grams.  Harry is also where the Whiteout/Whitewall trait came from in my collection.

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