Wholesale - Ultra High-End Hatchling Crested Geckos - Full Tails - READY TO SHIP - Only $59 ea for 20+

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Ultra High-End Tailless Crested Gecko Wholesale Hatchlings

These are the absolute highest quality and most valuable geckos we’ve ever offered as a group - these are from our best projects, and are exhibiting the traits we bred them for - not the “byproduct” or leftovers from my holdbacks. This is stuff I would typically either keep or grow out to sell later for several hundred dollars each. We’ve been slammed filling wholesale orders and haven’t had as much time to shoot pictures, so we’re offing some stuff we normally don’t do in packages.

Whether you’re wanting to grow out some awesome stuff to breed later, or you want to raise up some geckos to sell for $300-$500+ as adults, this is THE time to buy. No kidding around, dollar for dollar, this is, IMHO, the best value of any kind we have ever offered. You will thank yourself later - over and over again!

PLEASE NOTE: We regretfully cannot sell or reserve more geckos than are currently available on the website. You can, however order more as they become available without paying for shipping again. Simply choose "Ship with existing order" at checkout to avoid paying a second shipping charge.

Here’s some of what will be in these lots...

Soft Scales & Possible Super Softs - Various Colors

We’re producing INSANE stuff in this project - Soft scale is doing big things when combined with bright colors. I have some nice stuff set aside for these packages that will blow you away as babies, and you’ll keep being blown away as you see them mature.  Supers can be tough to pick out when they're this young compared to how obvious they are as adults, so I'm just saying "possible supers".  Full Disclosure: Some supers are very obvious out of the egg, but those are ones I usually hang onto.  

Pink-Red Harlequin/Pinstripes (Pink/Red & Cream and Tri-Colors)
We’re hatching a lot of these in particular right now - hatchlings that are obvious reds typically don’t turn out to be anything but awesome red adults.

Red Dalmatian & Possible Super Dalmatians
The Most Heavily Spotted Babies We Produce - Many, but not all, will become heavily spotted Super Dalmatians.

C2 Projects - C2/Citrus & C2/Tangerine Line Yellows & Oranges
The BEST yellows and oranges on the planet, hands down.These will BLOW YOUR MIND as they grow.

Lavender and Lavender/Black & Cream Pinstripes & Quads
Many with Whiteout Laterals and/or Tangerine Pigment, lots of soft scales in this variety as well.

Jet Black Halloween Harlequins and Halloween Tri-Colors
Some of the nicest color and structure you’ve ever seen. Many are Soft Scales.

Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals
These have been worked into all of our top projects, so you’ll see some of that in a variety of projects.

Top Shelf Phantoms
We wholesale over half the phantoms we produce, and the ones we do hang onto are awesome…lots of white markings, great structure & color!

There will be absolutely nothing but OUTSTANDING HATCHLINGS in this group, and I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with what you receive - and you’ll wish these were available later in the year (this is highly seasonal, just FYI). These photos were randomly chosen photos of geckos we've sold and are in no way your "best case scenario", but a very accurate representation of what you can expect to receive.

If you don’t think this is the best deal to be had in crested geckos, period, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked. I’ve been telling people that about our wholesale lots for years and we have yet to get any back!

Feel free to email myself or John with any questions.