Tangerine Tiger Phantom Pinstripe Whitewall Super Dalmatian - Dark Neck/Dorsal Trait (Read More) - One HEAVILY PATTERNED Phantom! - 25g Male

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Tangerine Tiger Phantom Pinstripe Whitewall Super Dalmatian - One HEAVILY PATTERNED Phantom!

Sex: Male
Weight: 25

This is a really insane Tiger Phantom, something I've been putting a LOT of work into for the past several seasons, so I'm breaking out the bullet points for this one...

  • "Dark Dorsal Trait" - This is an unnamed trait we have found we can breed from the neck all the way down the dorsal...and I'm doing a lot of playing with it.  I'm sure we'll come up with a name for it when the time is right, but right now this is an almost unknown trait with only myself and a couple of customers/friends working on it too.
  • Whitewall Laterals - Tiger and Phantom didi their best to kill those Whitewalls, but no such luck...but they're big, they're white and they're there!
  • Dalmatian Spots - They're already all over the place, but they will increase in size and number with age.  This guy should end up with some pretty good size ink blots as a full grown adult.
  • Possible Soft Scale - It's hard to tell with everything going on here, but he is from a Soft Scale parent.

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