Soft Scale Red & Cream Tri-Color with Gene Suppressing Yellow Pigment (READ MORE) - 26g Male

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Soft Scale Red & Cream Tri-Color with Gene Suppressing Yellow Pigment

Sex: Male
Weight: 26 grams

I've had this gene showing up in the collection for several years now, originally thinking it might be an axanthic type of gene.  While it certainly does suppress yellow and even orange, you'd still have to selectively breed to make a black/grey/white gecko.  Unless breeding to black phantoms, it's hard to get anything without color, so I'm a bit stumped as to where to go with this...and I have this extra male. :-)

Someone else may see potential here with a project they have that I don't, so I'm offering one up an extra male out of my holdback rack.  If you need a Red Soft Scale male, and you like tinkering with new projects, this one certainly has investment potential far beyond the Super Softs that he'll produce for you.

This photo (below) is a picture of a Red Super Soft from the exact same lineage, but without this gene. Note the color of the head.

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