Soft Scale Orange Tri-Color Whitewall - Next Level Soft Scale - 26g Female

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Soft Scale Orange Tri-Color Whitewall - Next Level Soft Scale!

Sex: Female
Weight: 26g

There's a lot going on here, but when you get past the sensory overload, take a hard look at her color - it almost has a metallic look to it, which is something I've long called the "C2 x Citrus Glow" after noticing it in the late 2000's.  Now, we're making Soft Scales like that and it's amping that up a LOT.  When you have bold Whitewalls sitting on top of that insane base color, it's hard to keep your jaw closed the first time you see it.  And then there's the whole "Imagine the Super Soft version of this!" part of the equation.  Super Softs from this C2/Citrus/Tang line are the brightest/cleanest crested geckos I've ever seen - putting bold "painted-on" Whitewalls on them and making Super Soft versions of them will be nuts.

PS - This is a gecko from a small project (2.6 adults) and I am officially NOT selling these yet...just happened to be short on males and decided to offer her up while I finish growing her out to 40g.  I doubt she lasts a week and the next one I sell hasn't hatched yet, so don't bother asking if I have another one if she sells before you pull the trigger. :-)

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Very rare gecko that we can only offer a few times per year.  No coupon codes, discounts, etc. will apply on this gecko.

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