Super Soft Tri-Color - Tangerine x Lavender Line - Whitewall Lats - Cool Ghostly Appearance - 32g Female

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Super Soft Tri-Color - Tangerine x Lavender Line - Whitewall Lats - Cool Ghostly Appearance

Sex: Female
Weight: 32g

Outstanding quality Super Soft.  Visually obvious Super with Silvery eyes, loads of Tangerine pigment. The ghostly appearance and lack of reds/yellows is something I strongly suspect to be a recessive gene, but have not taken it all that seriously, to be honest.  I just plugged it into the Tangerine x Lavenders to see if I could isolate the Tangerine pigment from orange and yellow...3 years later, I'd say that's exactly how that works. :-) 

This gecko is so valuable as a stellar Super Soft that I'm not factoring this other potential gene into the price...that's just a perk of doing business with us.  There are a lot of potentially new genes floating around when you produce 20,000 geckos a year (those numbers say we should see several new mutations each year).  We often recognize them long before we know if they'll have any value in our projects.  This is one I do see value in, but still know very little about. 

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