Super Soft Scale Red Tri-Color - Harry/Soft x 2 Distinct Red Lineages & 3 generations = RARE - 41g Female

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Super Soft Scale Red Tri-Color - Harry/Soft x 2 Distinct Red Lineages & 3 generations = RARE

Weight: 41g

This took some doing, folks.  We essentially had two tasks at once - bring in good, clean red pigment and make SUPER SOFTS with them!  To do this, I decided rather than a 4-5 generation line-breeding project, which is something we just don't do here, we should start Soft Scale projects with all of our distinct red lineages.  We also used  Soft Scales from various Harry/Soft outcrossings, so that we'd have plenty of diversity on the other side of the family tree as well.  The best results, what you see here, came from the Lava line and the Neon line Reds.  One thing I didn't focus very hard on, but fortunately came through strong, was the Harry line structure.  I expected we'd need to spruce the structure up later, but we got plenty of shaggy offspring to pick from early on, so that just dove-tailed into the rest of the project. 

This gecko was giving me trouble firing up, but this is as good as it gets for red super softs.  You won't see another one anywhere near this size all year - this just happened to be one of a pair that I had left after setting some up.  We breed in 1.3 groups, so I decided to put this girl and a male up for sale. 

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