Orange Super Soft Scale Tiger Pin - Tang x C2/Citrus Lineages - 30g Female - See Video!

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Orange Super Soft Scale Tiger Pin - Tang x C2/Citrus Lineages

Sex: Female
Weight: 30g

Great looking Tiger pattern, nice black reverse pinning along the outside of the pinstripe scales and the type of structure you'd expect with one this high-end.  I am holding back almost all of these bright orange Super Softs to make Lillies with this color.  I don't have any more male Lillies ready to go any time soon, so I'm putting this female up for grabs. 

Just FYI, she'd be $3000-3500 if she had Whitewalls, which we don't need for Lilly pairings.  A Soft Scale Lilly with this color will be a pricey gecko.

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