Bubblegum Line Outcross Tangerine Tinted Lavender/Black & Cream - Super Dalmatian | Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals |Soft Scale (Poss. Super Soft) | 34g Male

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Bubblegum Line Outcross Lavender/Black & Cream - Super Dalmatian | Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals |Soft Scale (Poss. Super Soft)

Sex: Male
Weight: 34g

Long ago, someone decided Dalmatian spots only belong on otherwise patternless geckos.  Lots of people fell in line with that way of thinking.  I wasn't one of them. :-)  All joking aside,  I think Dalmatian looks good on anything if the spots are big and plentiful enough...and you can always breed the Phantom gene into a project.  I am building up a LOT of my Dalmatian projects right now and all of them revolve around Phantom Pins/Quads and also Whitewall stuff, both phantom and non-Phantom.  Whitewalls and gobs of Dalmatian spots make for a striking appearance when done right. 

This guy comes from a Bubblegum line Soft Scale and a female Super Soft (both Lavender/Black with Tangerine Tinted Cream) so he is an outcross, but with Tang coming from both sides. Strong Tangerine pigment tinting his dorsal and laterals pink.  Whether you're making Lillies, Whitewalls, whatever...this guy will without a doubt produce a number of pink tinted babies, even if the females have zero tangerine pigment.

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